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App Store Classic ‘Flick Fishing’ Gets Long-Awaited Sequel in ‘Fast Fishing’

Have you thought about Flick Fishing ($2.99) recently? You probably played it back in the day, but haven’t thought about it recently. It hasn’t even been updated since 2011. Well, developer Strange Flavour is going to try and reel you in again, as they have just announced that Fast Fishing is releasing this Thursday, January 22nd, on iOS. This resurrects the classic fishing game, where you’ll use simple controls to cast your rod and reel in bigger and bigger fish across 22 levels. Check out a trailer below:

The game will be free-to-play, but use a ‘Play Nice’ system where all purchases are non-consumable, where if you reset the game, you can restore your currency purchases. There will be both portrait and landscape support, a welcome addition to any pick-up-and-play game like this.

The App Store era of mobile gaming has a very brief history of about 6+ years or so, but thanks to the rapid ascent of mobile, it’s been a volatile one. Thus, many notable games in iOS history can fade into memory not too long after their release. Thus, seeing a classic resurrected like this feels welcome. Check out the forum thread for the game. Strange Flavour is also planning to update SlotZ Racer 2 ($2.99) (they don’t have the rights to the original) for modern devices, and with MFi gamepad support.