‘Adventure Time Game Wizard’ Brings ‘Pixel Press Floors’ to the Candy Kingdom

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An interesting new game based on the Adventure Time license has just released today on the App Store. Adventure Time Game Wizard ($4.99) is a licensed take and expansion on Pixel Press Floors (Free), a game which allowed you to create your own platformer levels by sketching out levels. Originally revealed at PAX Prime 2014, This adds Adventure Time flavor to it, along with some expansions to the formula. It’s now possible to create levels on iPhone as well as on iPad, and through an in-app creator as well as by sketching on sheets of grid paper that can be printed out via AirPrint, or from this site.

This Adventure Time version is developed by Grumpyface, who make many of the Cartoon Network and Adult Swim mobile games. It’s possible to share levels online and to play other players’ levels, though there’s also a singleplayer campaign. It ties into the creative aspects by allowing you to collect the coins used to unlock additional customization aspects like new characters, where levels can be made with certain characters’ abilities in mind. The characters can all be upgraded to add new skills as well; there’s no in-app purchases here, though. Oh, and there’s voice acting from the series cast and Weird Al Yankovic voices a character. Huzzah! It’s a really cool concept and one that should allow for user-friendly leavel creation to boot.

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