New iPhone Games Coming Tonight: ‘Bowling Central’, ‘Gunslugs 2’, and ‘Socioball’

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This is working out to be a weird week, particularly as new games have leaked out on to the App Store in the last couple days which definitely has resulted in this post being far lighter than they usually are. But, hey, if you think the iOS release cycle in January is bleak, you should check out the console world. I looked up what’s come out (or is coming) this month to blow some Best Buy gift cards on, and, yeah. Nothing. Anyway, here’s the few iOS games coming tonight:

Now, I’m very, very not sold on these being all the games being releases tonight or tomorrow. The App Store has been acting really weird since all the pricing changes went into effect last week. Before proudly proclaiming this a weak week, definitely stick around for our full listing of games later tonight.

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