Check Out this Awesome ‘True Skate’ Manuals Video by One of Our Forum Members

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In True Axis’ fantastic skateboard simulator True Skate ($1.99), manuals (or wheelies to the layman) were always possible to do, but they were sort of finicky. In an update in late November, True Axis greatly improved the way manuals worked, adding a whole new dimension to the game. Our resident True Skate master, forum member totallymichael, made a new video showcasing all the possibilities that the revamped manual system allows. Check out the vid, and maybe even watch it a couple of times to fully comprehend all the crazy tricks he pulls off.

You may remember another video from totallymichael (or should I say Smokie Bowls heh) from this past July where he recreated Nyjah Huston’s winning run from Street League 2013 inside of True Skate. In fact, if you’re a True Skate fan and you like videos like these (raises hand), you’d be wise to check out his full YouTube channel, as totallymichael has been making amazing True Skate videos for the past couple of years now.

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