‘Dodo Master’, ‘Card City Nights’, and a Ton of BulkyPix Games Now Free

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It’s a really busy time for games on the App Store, but definitely not a busy time for your wallet, per se, as there’s still a ton of cool freebies hitting the store. Dodo Master ($0.99) has gone free yet again. The game drops price every once in a while, but as compared to last time, the iPad version is free as well as the iPhone-only one. If you missed out on it the last time it went free or want the iPad version as well, here’s your chance to pick up this 5-star game.

Also free is Card City Nights ($0.99), which is an enjoyable and accessible card game, featuring simple enough gameplay, resemblances to Tetra Master from the Final Fantasy series, and even a lack of IAP. Most card games are full of it, so hey, if you want a CCG without any cruft, here you go. This one might go back to paid at any moment, so jump on it right now.

Finally, we have a whole batch of freebies from publisher Bulkypix, and these are apparently permanent price drops, with the games becoming ad-supported now. Still, there’s some interesting games to check out for no charge:

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