Kemco’s Discounted Eight of Their RPGs Down to $0.99

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Touch Arcade’s own Shaun Musgrave describes himself as “apparently the world’s foremost expert on Kemco RPGs so that’s something for the ol’ tombstone." And there’s nothing to really disprove that assertion – he has reviewed a plethora of Kemco’s prolific RPG output for us. The games can be hit or miss in quality, but if you’ve ever wanted to try them out without paying a lot, as the games do run high for the App Store (which is still cheap in general, let’s not forget), then this $0.99 Kemco sale is for you. Eight different Kemco RPGs are on sale right now. We’ve helpfully linked Shaun’s reviews so that you can gaze upon his expertise before making a purchasing decision. Have at it, folks.


  • RPG Alphadia Genesis

    A brand new entry in the Alphadia series! Full-fledged fantasy RPG experience with stunning 3D battles! - Important Not…
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