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‘Respite’ is a Promising Upcoming Fantasy First-Person Shooter for Mobile

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First-person shooters tend to check off at least one of three boxes: zombies, military, sci-fi. Some games check off all three. So the upcoming FPS Respite looks particularly intriguing because it’s promising to be none of those. It’s a fantasy-styled FPS that’s coming to iOS devices. You will play as a dwarf, using a crossbow, a shotgun/blunderbuss weapon, and magic spells to help defeat orcs, goblins, and other fantasy creatures, all in order to retrive your lost helmet.

The game certainly looks promising. It appears to have been in the works for a while, from Tam Games, who promise “triple-A games on mobile." They’ve posted about the game on our forums, but have no estimated release date at this point. They’ve been working on it since at least 2012, and promising that it’s near release, and the game’s looking like it’s in good-enough shape. We’ll be keeping an eye on this one – it’s showing a ton of promise, especially so for a game of this scope on mobile. But whether it can deliver on it is a good question – and one I hope is answered soon because we need more variety in the FPS genre.

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