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‘Battle Slimes’ is an Upcoming Local Multiplayer Arena Battler from the Developer of ‘Duke Dashington’

The developer and artist of Duke Dashington ($0.99), a solid pixel-art-based platformer, has a new game in the works with publisher DoDreams called Battle Slimes. This is a local multiplayer action game, where up to 4 players on one screen battle it out as slimes that fire automatically and turn when they hit walls. Players have one control: jumping. The goal is to hit other slimes with the shots, with different objectives including timed play and stock count. Powerups spawn in the center of each arena which can help turn the tide of slimy battle.

The game boasts four different arenas, and is all played on a single device, including up to four players on one device. I’d suggest the iPhone 6 Plus for that one, though. The game will support the iPad, which will probably be the ideal way to play this one with friends. Fun local multiplayer games are always welcome, and this one releases on December 18th, just in time for all those holiday parties and family gatherings.