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Invictus Games Reveals Upcoming Rhythmic Auto-Runner ‘GiveItUP’

Invictus Games has announced an interesting-looking auto-runner called GiveItUP that aims to deliver a difficult rhythmic challenge. Players control a black blob bouncing constantly forward, who’s trying to land on green platforms, and avoid the spiked red ones. The blob can jump up or forwards to help avoid the hazards. But here’s the thing: jumps must be timed to the rhythm of the music so that the little blobby fellow doesn’t go splat.

GiveItUP promises immense challenge along with its rhythmic gameplay – according to the developers in our forums, the “Give" and “Up" parts of the name are no accident. So yeah, get ready to die a lot. The game’s planned to hit on December 18th, and it certainly sounds like an interesting challenge to take on. This isn’t Invictus’ only upcoming game – they developed this year’s Pac-Man Friends (Free) and have a game releasing on the 3rd called Dustoff Vietnam that promises Choplifter-style action in a Minecraft-esque voxel environment. Check out the trailer for that below: