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‘AwesomeBoots’ is an Upcoming Game About Bopping People While Wearing Jet Boots

AwesomeBoots is a game releasing this Thursday, November 27th, that’s worth getting excited for. It’s an arena survival game that is kind of a combination of Toast Time ($2.99) and SlamBots ($1.99). The protagonist of AwesomeBoots lives in a world where the government has banned boots, probably because boots now have jet propulsion systems in them, and they’re clearly unsafe without proper licensing and training. Maybe that’s why Mikey in Mikey Boots ($1.99) had to keep running. But this booted rebel is going to die with his boots on, using them to launch in the air, doing flips and the like to dodge the heavily-armed authorities trying to take him down. Thankfully, it’s possible to bop enemies to take them out, and get more points, because you might as well take some of them with you on the way out!

Along with the frantic jetting around and the many enemies to dodge and bop, there are diskettes to collect, which unlock new effects like mine-dropping, bullet deflection, and more, with new worlds eventually being unlocked. The game launches on Thursday as a free, ad-supported game, with an in-app purchase to disable ads. Join the AwesomeBoots forum thread with the game’s solo developer to chat with others looking forward to this game.