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‘Ultimate Robot Fighting’ Coming December 4th from Reliance Games

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I make no bones about being a huge fan of Injustice: Gods Among Us (Free) on mobile, NetherRealm’s pseudo-fighting-card-collecting game. Unlocking and upgrading new characters in the massive roster of fighters is actually just one gigantic grind, but it ends up being incredibly fun because the underlying fighting mechanics are so satisfying. Reliance Games, who have plenty of previous experience making mobile fighting games with titles like Real Steel ($0.99) and Pacific Rim ($0.99), is trying their hand at the card-collecting 3v3 hybrid brawler. It’s called Ultimate Robot Fighting and you can see it in action in the following trailer.

As you can see, Ultimate Robot Fighting really takes after Injustice in that it’s 3-person teams battling it out with taps and swipe gestures with a heavy emphasis on 3-tiered super moves. What it lacks is a roster of characters that people have been enamored with for nearly a century, but if the core fighting mechanics are solid then I could look past that. I’m anxious to check it out, and thankfully it won’t be too long a wait as Ultimate Robot Fighting is scheduled to launch on the App Store on December 4th.

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