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Upcoming Hack ‘n Slash ‘Taichi Panda’ Gets a New Trailer, Release Set for December

You may remember when we were at E3 back in June we briefly checked out a new hack ‘n slash game from Snail Games called Taichi Panda. Even with our short hands-on time with Taichi Panda, we found it to be a lot of fun, with three unique playable characters and fast, satisfying combat. Snail Games has been using our forums for beta testers for the game, with a planned release date sometime before the end of the year. Today they’ve sent along a sort of more specific release date, which will be sometime in December, along with a brand new trailer.

Based on our time with the game back in June, Taichi Panda has all the necessary components that make up a great hack ‘n slash action game. It’s got great visuals, cool characters with awesome special moves and all sorts of upgrade options, and the combat itself is fast-paced and fun. The big question will be how much the pay model interferes with all that good stuff, being that Taichi Panda is going to be a free to play game. I’m anxious to find out because I really like what I’ve seen so far, so keep Taichi Panda on your radar and we’ll let you know when it’s available sometime next month.