Five Alarm Freebie Alert: Bit.Trip Run is Free Right Now

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Time to get your Commander Video on at no cost. Bit.Trip Run ($2.99) has gone free on the App Store. This is a mobile-friendly adaptation of Runner 2 from the former Gaijin Games (now Choice Provisions), which stars Commander Video from the Bit.Trip series, which made aprevious appearance on iOS with Bit.Trip Beat ($0.99). This is an auto-running platformer, not an endless runner: levels are based around jumping, sliding, and kicking obstacles that get in the way, with a rhythmic component to the obstacles and the music. The game does have IAP for buying more gold, which is collected in the levels, but this is just to open optional new levels and for cosmetic upgrades.


It’s a rather rad runner that’s really worth checking out for free, particularly as this is a mobile adaptation of title that normally goes for $15 on console and PC. Sadly, it serves as a reminder the “coming soon" doesn’t always mean “actually coming" as there’s a couple of promised level packs that never quite made it to the game. It’s the digital equivalent of seeing an ad for a restaurant that’s now closed, I suppose. Potential and hope lost to the realities of life, but this time, only the loss of added levels to an iOS game.


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    UPDATE: You asked for it! New control schemes! Try them all!

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