‘Surgeon Simulator’ Gets iPhone Support, and More Unintentional-yet-Hilarious Mishaps?

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For far too long, Surgeon Simulator ($4.99) fans who have wanted to play the game on the go have had to deal with the tyranny of playing on the iPad, and not on their phones. Well no more must you iPhone owners who want to transplant alien organs while sitting on the bus have to suffer! Bossa Studios has today made Surgeon Simulator universal, adding iPhone support to the previous iPad exclusive app. Certainly, any game going universal is a welcome sight, but given how this game is really based on precise actions, this might be better on bigger screens.

Surgeon Simulator iPhone

Of course, half the fun of the game is because goofy stuff does happen, so maybe the bigger challenge of trying to do precise surgical maneuvers on a smaller screen is a feature, not a problem. After all, it’s hardly a serious game since there’s alien organ transplants! Plus, the game supports video sharing, so even if you screw up, hey, maybe you can rack up some views and social media hits and become the next PewDiePie. Or, the next Pumpkin Dance:

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