‘Hitman GO’ Updated with New Classic Level Pack and iCloud Integration, On Sale for $1.99

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Square Enix’s excellent Hitman-themed puzzle strategy game Hitman GO ($4.99) has just been updated with a new classic level pack and iCloud integration, and it’s on sale again for just $1.99. The new chapter of levels is called “St. Petersburg Stakeout" and is based off of the same level from the 2002 console game Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. The new pack contains 8 levels, and if you remember that St. Petersburg Stakeout level from Hitman 2, you’ll definitely recognize it here too.



As mentioned, Hitman GO also now supports iCloud save syncing so you can keep your progressed synced if you play across different devices. The game is also on sale again to celebrate the new update, down to $1.99 from its normal asking price of $4.99. Hitman GO was and is a fantastic game that we loved in our review, and was well worth the original asking price so it’s pretty much a no-brainer at the sale price and with the addition of this new content.

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