Rovio’s LVL11 Publishing Arm Releases First Game, ‘Retry’

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Rovio’s got a curious new title out today from their new LVL11 publishing initiative, called Retry (Free). It’s seemingly their take on the whole Flappy Bird craze, asking, can we make a challenging arcade-style game with pixel art…but also make it free-to-play friendly, and with a three star system? Sure! Players control a plane with a single tap-and-hold, which allows it fly upwards and spin backwards. This is a problem as the goal is generally to fly forwards to the end goal. So, light tapping is needed to stay on the straight and narrow, with coins to collect and even secret paths to find in the game’s levels.

The game isn’t an endless high score game, it’s level-based with different objectives to achieve to get three stars in each level. It’s full of pixel art, and even features an 80’s-inspired soundtrack that isn’t chiptunes, which is a nice change of pace from retro games. This is certainly a curious game, and it’ll be interesting to see if LVL11 keeps putting out titles in the future, and if they have any effect on the mainline Rovio output. Until then, prepare to die and retry a lot. Get it, because the name of the game is Retry?


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