‘South Park Pinball’ Tables Now Available as Standalone App or ‘Zen Pinball’ IAP

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Zen Studios recently announced that South Park tables were on their way to Zen Pinball (Free), the multiplatform pinball game, with a release expected this week. And today the new South Park tables can now be downloaded from the Zen Pinball app or a standalone South Park Pinball ($3.99) app. Two tables are available: Super Sweet Pinball and Butters’ Very Own Pinball Game. Super Sweet Pinball is based on the show itself, boasting a number of references to the show, including a Sarcastaball section, 9 different table modes, which can be stacked, and 3 different multiball modes. Meanwhile, Butters’ Very Own Pinball Game has 4 multiball modes, and a “Coon and Friends" miniplayfield. Of course, each table features a number of South Park characters and animation and sound sourced straight from the show.

You can either buy the South Park Pinball standalone app with both tables for $3.99, or pick up each table as an in-app purchase in the Zen Pinball main app, if you prefer to keep things centralized or only want one table. These tables promise plenty of goodies for South Park fans, as Manbearpig makes an appearance! But Zen Studios knows pinball, so even non-fans looking for a couple of new tables are unlikely to be disappointed.

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