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Upcoming ‘Skip a Beat!’ Uses Your Actual Heart Rate For Score Multipliers

A pretty crazy new game just popped up in our upcoming games forum called Skip a Beat!. As we’ve mentioned about a billion times now, the runner aisle of the App Store is falling in on itself there’s so many different options to choose from. To get noticed, developers need to do something weird, and that’s definitely what’s happening here.


The gameplay seems sort of basic, but it uses a gimmick I’m not sure I’ve seen before- At least in a game. Your score multiplier is determined by keeping your heart rate in a specific range. You don’t even need any fancy accessories to use this functionality either, it’s apparently able to read your heart rate using the iPhone camera. Here’s a video of how it works:

Who knows if Skip a Beat! will be a fun game or not, but I’m always at least willing to try a game that attempts to do something new. According to the developers, they’re about a month away from launching… So stay tuned.