Check Out ‘The Sleeping Prince’ Projection Mapping Trailer

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I don’t know what it is with Tilting Point and their whole “We must outdo absolutely everyone when it comes to trailer production values" thing, but, hey, why not. You may remember the Leo’s Fortune Rube Goldberg machine trailer (which is now sporting over 1.5m views, what the hell) as being pretty rad, and the just-released The Sleeping Prince trailer is similarly awesome.

It uses a technique called projection mapping which, in a nutshell, uses a building as a projection screen to make it look like crazy things are happening to said building. If you’ve never seen these videos before, here’s a collection of other great ones with my personal favorite being this video from when the Astronomical Clock in Prague turned 600.

Anyway, The Sleeping Prince trailer uses the Lyndhurst Castle in Tarrytown, NY as its screen. Check it out:

Tilting Point is definitely starting to be known in my book as that publisher partner that releases the oddly elaborate trailers for iOS games, and it’s hard to imagine where they’re going to go from here. With Rube Goldberg and projection mapping crossed off the list, do you just go full OK Go on the next one?

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