‘Hitman GO’ On Sale for the First Time, Now Just $1.99

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Square Enix Montreal’s stylized, puzzle-fied take on the Hitman series, Hitman GO ($4.99), is currently on sale for just two bucks, down from its normal price of $4.99. This is the first time the game has been on sale since it launched this past April. If you somehow haven’t heard of Hitman GO these past few months, it’s a turn-based puzzle game built around the Hitman series of games. Each level has you trying to take out a target or targets and get to an endpoint, and it’s all dressed up with really neat diorama-style visuals. Here’s a trailer.

We absolutely loved Hitman GO in our review, and despite not being a traditional Hitman game, it was a smart, challenging puzzler that still managed to capture the essence of the series in a drastically different form. Early last month a big update was released for the game that added a whole new set of levels in an Airport setting that included new mechanics like automated walkways and high alert guards. It’s an even better game than it already was with the additional content, and now it’s at its lowest price ever, which means if you don’t yet have Hitman GO now is the time to grab it.

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