You Can Now Order 3D-Printed ‘Infinity Blade’ Figurines Straight from Within the ‘Infinity Blade III’ Game

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If you’re heavily into the Infinity Blade series and fancy having your own collection of figurines based on your in-game characters, then Chair and online 3D printing service Sandboxr have you covered. A new feature has just gone live in Infinity Blade III ($6.99) which allows you to customize an in-game character to your liking with the game’s selection of different armors and weapons, and then with a tap of a button, send the character off to Sandboxr to have it printed out in color with their 3D printing service and shipped to your door.

The whole 3D printing thing is one of those futuristic technologies that still blows my mind, and all of the beautiful in-game character models, weapons and armors in the Infinity Blade series are a perfect fit for physical figurines. Chair and Sandboxr have put together an interesting little behind-the-scenes video talking about the process of creating Infinity Blade figures.

The 3D printed figurines aren’t exactly cheap, but, they’re not exactly expensive either considering you’re getting a unique figure created from your own customized in-game character. There’s also a selection of pre-made figurines you can order from the Infinity Blade Collectibles website, and they seem to run anywhere between $20 to about $100 depending on what you get.

If you’re an Infinity Blade fanatic and want your own customized figurine, simply create the character how you want from the “Customize" option in Infinity Blade III and tap the big “Buy 3-D Printed Statue!" button in the lower left corner to be whisked away to the online store to begin the whole ordering process.

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