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‘Madden Mobile’ Coming to the App Store August 26th

The latest iteration of EA’s flagship football series Madden NFL will be hitting consoles on August 26th, and on that same day a mobile version appropriately called Madden Mobile will be hitting the App Store as well. Madden Mobile promises an “all-new NFL experience" that “will allow fans to build a dominant team composed of the league’s best talent from past and present." That experience will consist of running your favorite team through a 16 game season in pursuit of a playoff appearance and ultimately a Super Bowl win, facing off in head-to-head matches against friends, or partaking in one of EA’s new Live Events. These Live Events will be “quick, fun challenges that will dynamically update throughout the season and beyond." In addition, the Live Events will offer rewards such as “player packs, coins, special players and more."


Unfortunately, there’s no further details or visual assets for Madden Mobile, but historically the Madden franchise has had a rocky road on iOS. There’s been a new yearly Madden game on mobile for the past several years now, and despite being stripped down from their console counterparts they started off as pretty good games. Then the release of Madden NFL 12 was so severely devoid of anything new that we literally copied and pasted the previous year’s review for the new game. Things really hit rock bottom with last year’s Madden release, which was called Madden NFL 25 and was a free to play trainwreck. I’m really hoping Madden Mobile can get back to offering mobile gamers a decent NFL football experience on the go, and it looks like we’ll find out when August 26th rolls around.