‘Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf’ Act 3 “The Shianti Halls” Coming this Week

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Forge Reply’s impressive gamebook-inspired adventure Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf (Free) will be getting its third act this Thursday August 7th, the developer has announced in our forums. The new Act is called “The Shianti Halls" and will have you exploring “a not-so-abandoned place full of dangerous enemies, included the fearsome Vordak!" About that Vordak… yeah, I’m not looking forward to running into that guy, nor any of the other enemies you’ll square off against which are shown in the following Act 3 trailer.

The Shianti Halls will be available as a $4.99 in-app purchase inside the Lone Wolf app, or if you’ve already purchased the season pass it’ll simply be available for free. Well, not really free, maybe “already paid for" is a better description. Also, Forge Reply offers a mid-season pass, so if you waited to buy the original season pass but ended up buying Act 2 at full price, you can still get a discount on the remaining Acts. It’s a really nice way of doing the whole season pass thing. For more on the first two acts of Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf, check out our review, and look for Act 3 later this week.

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