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Are You Smart Enough For This ‘Smarter Than You’ Puzzle?

If you haven’t been paying attention, Eighty Eight Games is on the verge of releasing a new iOS game called Smarter Than You. It’s a clever spin on the classic game of rock paper scissors, iOS-ized. It’s got a crazy payment model too, and I’m arguably more curious to see how all that works out than actually playing the game itself. Anyway, here’s the trailer if you missed it:

The news today revolves around a new puzzle released by M.E.T.I.S., the AI that is “behind" the game, or something like that. People seem to go nuts over these kind of things whenever Simogo does ’em, so, hey, why not. Here’s the image, if any of you guys are smart enough to figure it out:

(Click for full size.)

Smarter Than You should be launching reasonably soon, so if no one is smart enough for this, hopefully we’re smart enough to play the actual game.