‘Hearthstone’ Curse of Naxxramas Expansion Plague Quarter Opens Tonight, Here’s the Six Cards You’ll Unlock

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If you’re wild about Hearthstone (Free), you’re going to be in for a late night tonight. Blizzard just announced the time that the new Plague Quarter is going to be unlocking, and for those of us in the US market it’ll happen at 11:59 PM Pacific tonight. Other regions get theirs a bit earlier, so if you’re curious about all the fights, it might not be a bad idea to find someone with an Asian account streaming on Twitch this afternoon.

Anyway, just like the Arachnid Quarter, the Plague Quarter is home to three boss fights and two class challenges which will reward six new cards. Hopefully the normal difficulty is a little trickier this time around, as you could seriously beat the Arachnid Quarter in less than 30 minutes with a vaguely competitive deck.

Here’s the six new cards, some of which we’ve seen being played in enemy decks already:

7750 7757

7749 7746

7732 7741

Even though the Plague Quarter is opening pretty late today, at least we know when it’s happening. I was half expecting to spend most of my day reloading the game waiting for it to happen.

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