Freebie Alert: Kemco Monster Taming RPG ‘Band of Monsters’

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If you see Shaun endlessly reviewing Kemco games, and found yourself curious what all the fuss was about but not curious enough to drop the upwards of ten bucks their games usually cost, here’s your chance. Band of Monsters (Free) just went free, down from its normal price of $7.99.

Folks in our forums are cautiously optimistic about this freebie sale, as usually when a “premium" game goes free the promotion coincides directly with an update hitting that retools the game to be far more reliant on premium IAP currency. That doesn’t seem to be the case here, at least yet, anyway.

We explain the game’s premise in our review:

You play as Zara Schustra, an out-of-place reference if ever there was one, as he tries to become the very best, like no one ever was. Wait, actually, at the start of the story, he’s already one of the top two monster trainers in the world, and is about to win the championships, which I think is farther than Ash ever got. Smell you later! Anyway, just as he’s about to win, one of the gathered leaders of the world makes a power play using an ancient artifact, resulting in a huge calamity that causes all the trained monsters to go wild. We flash forward three years later, when Zara has finally relearned how to train monsters. Not long after he sets out with his monster buddy, Woff, he runs into a mysterious girl (of course) who’s being pursued by soldiers. His oath to protect her results in a largely predictable series of events.

This is a game with a considerable amount of depth that has been well received, barring some surprise rebalancing update in the not too distant future, there’s not much reason to give this one a try while it’s free.

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