Get ‘Threes’ for a One Dollar Bill Right Now

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So, you haven’t bought Threes ($5.99) yet. And you haven’t picked up a card at Starbucks while they still have them. Well, whether you’re too lazy to go to Starbucks and just grab a card, or if you make cost-benefit analysis decisions when it comes to games and coffee beverages costing a couple bucks, then I have good news. You can get Threes for $0.99 and drink your own coffee that you made yourself.


This is a dirt-cheap price for one of 2014’s best games, having already won an Apple Design Award, and having been shamelessly cloned more than any game this side of Flappy Bird. It’s also the cheapest price for the game yet: its normal price is $1.99, though $2.99 was the intended ‘normal’ price for the game before it sold like gangbusters. So $0.99 is kind of one-third of the $2.99 price. Because, it’s divisible by three? Because the game is all about threes?

This is one of a bunch of sales going on right now: Monument Valley ($3.99), Blek ($4.99), and many more have slashed their prices, so if you want to pick up a bunch of gorgeous and fun games for cheap, get thee to the App Store. And I hope you have a coffee maker already.

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    Threes is tiny puzzle that grows on you. This is the buy-once-play-forever version. ³ Apple Game of the Year 2014!! ³…
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