‘Hitman GO’ Gets New Airport Levels and New Game Mechanics in Latest Update

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When Square Enix Montreal announced Hitman GO ($4.99) back in February, I was skeptical to say the least. Mobile hardware is pretty beefy nowadays and I had no doubt that a full-blown, “console-like" Hitman game would work just fine on iOS. So why was Hitman GO set to be a turn-based board game of all things? Luckily for me and everyone else, I was way off base questioning Squeenix Montreal’s decision, as they totally nailed it with Hitman GO. While certainly not a traditional Hitman game, Hitman GO still captures the essence of the series and provides a smart and challenging puzzle-type experience.

This week, Hitman GO received its first content update adding a new Airport environment with a set of new levels to play through. If you’ve played through the initial set of levels already, the Airport will simply be unlocked like normal. If you haven’t, you have the option of unlocking the Airport early for a 99¢ IAP. Along with the new levels are some new gameplay mechanics, like a high alert guard which can see two paths at once, a civilian mode which allows you to remain undercover until you make your first move, automated walkways, and a skip turn option.

If you like the Hitman series and want a novel twist or if you simply enjoy challenging, strategic puzzle games, you should definitely check out Hitman GO. If Square Enix can continue pumping out new content like they have with this latest update Hitman GO will live a long, happy life on my device.

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