Deadpool Table Now Available in ‘Zen Pinball’ and ‘Marvel Pinball’, New Behind the Scenes Video Released

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Last week Zen Studios announced that a new pinball table starring Marvel’s “Merc with a Mouth" Deadpool would be heading to the Zen Pinball (Free) and Marvel Pinball ($0.99) apps, and the update with that table is now officially live in the App Store. The Deadpool table clocks in at $1.99 and is a sufficiently fun pinball table in its own right, but the presence of Deadpool pushes it over the top. A tiny Deadpool runs amok around the table getting into all sorts of mischief, even playing on a tiny pinball table of his own at times (insert Inception joke here). Best of all are the constant quips by Deadpool that are fully voiced by Nolan North.

Along with the release of the Deadpool table, Zen has also crafted a quick behind-the-scenes video featuring Nolan North talking about voicing the character for the new table. It’s definitely worth watching. Honestly, I’d pay any sum of money to have a little Deadpool living on the homescreen of my phone constantly dancing and making snide remarks at me, but for now I’ll have to accept just having that inside of the Zen Pinball game. Now, how about releasing that Walking Dead table, eh Zen?

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