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Noodlecake Games’ Free ‘Jupiter Jump’ Releasing on Thursday

Like many other developers, Noodlecake Games is releasing more smaller-scale projects, and their latest after Flappy Golf (Free) is Jupiter Jump, releasing on Thursday, June 12th for free. This endless platformer will have players controlling an astronaut who crashes on Jupiter and bounces along the surface, avoiding mines and crashing through gates for points. Because hey, points matter.

The game is controlled by tapping to plummet to the ground, adding a bit of Tiny Wings ($1.99) to the flaplike formula. Bouncing near mines increases the multiplayer, adding a bit more reward to an already-risky game. There will be the customary friends leaderboards, and banner ads that display on the menus and after games. There is a $0.99 IAP to remove ads tucked away in the options menu, but otherwise it’ll cost nothing to play Noodlecake’s latest when games start to release on Thursday.