‘Badland’ Update Adds New Local Cooperative Multiplayer Mode

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One of the App Store’s gifts that keep on giving, Frogmind’s Badland ($0.99), has received yet another update, this time adding an interesting cooperative multiplayer mode. Fans of Badland already know that its multitude of single-player levels are a blast, but one of the under the radar features of the game has always been its competitive same-device multiplayer. Racing against your “friends" towards the end of a level and “accidentally" slamming them into a giant saw blade is some of the most fun you can have huddled around an iOS device. Today’s update puts a twist on that by offering modified versions of all 40 Day I levels so they can be completed cooperatively with up to four players.

If huddling around an iOS device sounds too cramped for you, you can also hook up some iOS 7 controllers and get your multiplayer on that way. Whether you’re playing single-player, competitive multiplayer, or the new cooperative multiplayer, Badland is just plain fun for everyone. Frogmind says there’s even more in the works for the game, so I look forward to finding out what’s next. If you somehow haven’t jumped on the Badland bandwagon yet, what are you waiting for?


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