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‘2-bit Cowboy’ Will Scratch Your Gameboy Nostalgia Itch, Launching this Thursday

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Nothing gets my engine running more than an old-school-style platformer, and Cascadia and Crescent Moon Games look like they’ve got a great one brewing with their upcoming 2-bit Cowboy. Modeled after the Gameboy handheld entertainment system of my youth, 2-bit Cowboy is a pixely, monochrome platformer with an emphasis on action, exploration, and character customization. They’ve even dubbed it a “Westernvania" in a similar vein to the Metroidvania genre of action/adventure platformers. Your character can even ride cool stuff, like a mine cart, a bull, or a horse. Check out how authentic of a Gameboy experience is in 2-bit Cowboy’s release trailer. All that’s missing is the screen blur.

The last time my Gameboy sense tingled this badly was with Orange Pixel’s awesome Stardash a few years ago. With Cascadia’s experience with the Cavorite series of platformers, I’ve got confidence that 2-bit Cowboy will deliver that faux-retro platforming experience I love so much. If it’s caught your eye too, there’s a discussion thread in our forums, and there’s no need to wait too long to get this bad boy in your hands as 2-bit Cowboy launches this week for 99¢. Look for it in the US App Store late Wednesday night.

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