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Check Out ‘Jupiter Jump’, a New Twitchy Arcade Game from Noodlecake

jupiterjumpIt’s a Noodlecake news kind of morning, as their Super Stickman Golf 2 is currently free and their surprise hit Flappy Golf has some big things happening (more on that in a bit). But something I’m really excited about is their next upcoming game called Jupiter Jump. The story is that you’re an astronaut who has just crash landed and on Jupiter, and as your poor body is flung from the ship you’ll need to bounce and avoid hazards to stay alive. Gameplay is very similar to another favorite of mine, SpikeDislike, in that touching the screen will propel your character downward so you can strategically avoid the dangers on Jupiter’s surface. It’s a bit more complex than that though, because you’ll also increase a score multiplier by getting extremely close to those same hazards without hitting them, so there’s some heavy risk vs. reward stuff going on here. Check out the trailer.

I actually had a chance to play an early version of Jupiter Jump at GDC back in March, and I was instantly hooked. It may look simple, but this is a pretty complex and very hectic game. I loved it. Jupiter Jump is actually the result of the Noodlecade initiative at Noodlecake, where they quickly prototype simple, arcadey ideas for games and see what sticks. It sounds like we’ll be seeing more fruits of the Noodlecade coming in the future too. As for Jupiter Jump, it’s all submitted and in Apple’s hands now, so it should be coming along in the next couple of weeks, and we’ll let you know when it’s available.