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Backflip Studios’ ‘Dwarven Den’ is Coming This Week, Here’s the Trailer

We’re pretty huge fans of everything Backflip Studios does, as they’re very consistent in releasing fun games that in the case of Paper Toss (Free) or Strike Knight (Free) are straight up free with ads. Alternatively, more “traditional" free to play titles of theirs like DragonVale (Free) are fun without feeling like they’re dripping in gross monetization around every turn. We posted last week that their latest title, Dwarven Den will be launching this Thursday, and this morning they released a launch trailer for the game:

I spent a considerable amount of time with the soft launched version of the game, which you can see below. Barring any significant changes to the game, or how you pay for it, Dwarven Den seems worth getting excited for:

Stay tuned for this Thursday when the game launches, and if you want to follow along with people who have been playing the Canadian release, swing by our forums.