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Check Out the Trailer for ‘Hodappy Bird’, an Upcoming Flappy-like From the Creator of ‘Flapthulhu’

The proverbial One Ring of Flappy Bird games was submitted to the App Store yesterday, and soon, one flappy game shall rule them all. It’s called Hodappy Bird, and it’s by Madgarden, the developer of the similarly awesome Flapthulhu (Free). If you want your brain to melt from being subjected to the best trailer we’ve ever posted on TouchArcade, hit play:

Hodappy Bird will be launching for free, whenever Apple gets around to approving it. It’s got 32 different hat and glasses combinations that you can customize your Hodapp with, along with actual legitimate pay to win mechanics where you can spend in-game bitcoins to keep playing after hitting a pipe. Alternatively, the Super Hodappy Bird 64 mode is for professional gamers who don’t want continues, with its own leaderboards. This mode also features a shifted color palette, making Gunnar gaming glasses a requirement.

If you want to join the Hodappy Bird movement, swing by the thread in our forums.