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Impressive Space Shooter ‘Star Horizon’ Gets a New Hands-on Video, Launches this Week

If you remember earlier this month I posted a trailer for a new game called Star Horizon, a visually-stunning on-rails space shooter from Tabasco Interactive. If you missed that trailer, go check it out now. Seriously, I’ll wait. All done? Ok good, because Star Horizon is set to launch later this week, and today the developers have released another new trailer, this time a hands-on video of how the game is actually played using both the normal touchscreen controls and an iOS 7 controller. Check it out.

Star Horizon continues to look impressive, and I really can’t wait to get my own hands on it and take it for a test flight. It’s scheduled for a March 20th release, which means it should pop up on Wednesday night here in the US App Store alongside all the other new releases, and it’ll cost you $3.99 with no in-app purchases.