‘Walking Dead: The Game – Season 2’ Latest Episode “A House Divided” is Now Available

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Earlier this week, Telltale Games confirmed that Walking Dead: The Game – Season 2 (Free) would be getting its second episode, titled A House Divided, this Thursday. Well, it’s Thursday, and guess what? They weren’t lying as Episode 2 A House Divided is now available to download form within the app. Look, I even have proof.


However, this is the case in the US App Store, but I’ve seen a few comments from people in other territories saying it’s not available yet. Supposedly iOS was the final platform Episode 2 was releasing on, and it should already be available on all other digital platforms like PC, Mac, Steam, Xbox Live and PSN. Again, though, I’ve seen some people comment that that’s not entirely the case. Are you having issues getting it where you live? Whatever the deal is, A House Divided is out now in the US App Store, so be sure to grab it.

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