The ‘Slayin’ Version 2.0 Update is Now Available

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There was something I was more excited for yesterday than any of the newly released games, and that was the impending arrival of the version 2.0 update to Slayin ($0.99). I even stayed up until midnight hoping it would come out, but sadly it didn’t. However, when I got up today, it was there waiting for me in the App Store, like a tiny Christmas morning present under the tree.

If you haven’t been following along, Slayin version 2.0 was announced in early December and adds three brand new playable heroes to the game. Each of Slayin’s original three heroes played quite differently from one another, each offering up a unique experience with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Getting three new characters is practically like doubling the original size of the game. For hardcore Slayin fans, it’s a very exciting prospect. The three new characters include the Archer, the Tamer and the Ninja, all of which you can see in the trailer below.

Now, if you really haven’t been following along and aren’t sure what Slayin even is, I’d suggest reading our original review from last year when the game was released. In a nutshell, Slayin is an action-platformer-RPG. Your chosen hero runs back and forth automatically in the single-screen play area, and you’ll need to jump and/or attack to avoid the increasingly difficult waves of enemies that are coming after you. Your character also levels up quite rapidly while playing, meaning that during the course of the game you’ll be able to upgrade your weapons and abilities to take on greater and greater threats. This all happens during a single run, and should you die, it’s back to the beginning for you, similar to a roguelike.

Slayin has deep hooks, as it’s that perfect blend of simplicity and depth that keeps you wanting to come back over and over again. With three brand new characters to play around with, my afternoon’s productivity is basically shot. Head on over to the App Store and grab Slayin version 2.0 now.

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