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An Updated Look at Riverman Media’s ‘The Executive’

theexecWhen we first took a look at Riverman Media’s upcoming iOS game The Executive back in May of this year, we had just one word to describe it: YES. Or, more accurately, the word YES thirty four times. (Daniel Bryan would be proud.) The Executive is a side-scrolling beat ’em up or sorts, which sees your dashing main character jump-kicking through walls and beating the crap out of werewolves. Basically the two main ingredients of an awesome game. We haven’t heard a whole lot about it since though, until today. Riverman Media has released an updated trailer for The Executive, and it looks like it’s come quite a long ways since that initial teaser back in May.

We really enjoyed Riverman Media’s previous iOS release Pizza Vs. Skeletons ($2.99), which is currently on sale until January 1st, so I’m excited to see what the studio has in store for The Executive. So far, playing as a total bad-ass in a suit who beats up werewolves, minotaurs, floating skull things, and werewolves wearing suits of armor has me sold. The Executive is set to launch “sometime" in 2014. YES.