‘Ridiculous Fishing’ Earns Much-Deserved Apple iPhone Game of the Year, ‘Badland’ Scores iPad GOTY

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Ridiculous Fishing ($2.99), a game surrounded with cloning drama, got a much-deserved nod from Apple today in the form of the iPhone Game of the Year nomination as part of their Best of 2013 feature. If for some insane reason you still haven’t downloaded Ridiculous Fishing, I’m not sure the evidence to do so could get any stronger. We gave it five stars in our review, and it’s still high on the list of my personal favorite iPhone games, even months after its release.

The game’s premise is super simple- You cast off, tilt your phone to avoid fish as your lure goes deeper and deeper, and as soon as you hook something the game goes in reverse and instead you need to catch as many fish as possible. Once they surface, you tap to shoot ’em out of the sky. It’s a ton of fun, and greatly enhanced by the amount of unlockables and upgrades cross your path before finally hitting the endless mode and competing on the online leaderboards.

Additionally, Badland ($2.99) took home the iPad Game of the Year trophy. It’s another universally adored title, which we detailed in our review. Badland is from the makers of the Trials series, and comes packed with some awesome controls, a great art style, and through updates, loads of content.

It’s a game of avoidance, and trial and error (Much like Trials!) and has a bit of a Limbo vibe to it with insta-death from hitting obstacles and needing to figure out how to retry subsections in each level to get through them.

Both Badland and Ridiculous Fishing are awesome games, and better yet- They’re both universal, so even though Apple has given each iPhone and iPad awards, they’re both worth playing regardless of which device you have.

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