Freebie Alert: ‘Bloodmasque’ Celebrating Half a Million Downloads by Going Free for a Week

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Square Enix’s face-importing and vampire-hunting iOS game Bloodmasque (Free) seems to have been a pretty successful title, boasting more than 500,000 downloads since release, and in celebration the developer has dropped the price of the game to free until December 16th. Bloodmasque, just to recap, puts you in late 1800s Paris and tasks you with killing vampires via a tap-and-gesture fighting system not completely unlike Infinity Blade. The combat is satisfying and fun, and a deep RPG-like progression system ensures you’ll keep on coming back for more to improve your character’s abilities.

Besides all that though, Bloodmasque also allows you to import your face into the game and slap it right onto the main character, with startling results. As much as the core gameplay of Bloodmasque is enjoyable, the photo-importing feature offers a fair amount of enjoyment itself. Combined, they make for a killer iOS game.

Bloodmasque has seen a few price drops since its release in July, and it was even free for a brief period at the beginning of November. If you’ve somehow missed out on those sales then now is the time to grab Bloodmasque while it’s free. It really has turned out to be one of my favorite releases of the year, and shouldn’t be missed.

If you’re already well-versed in the ways of Bloodmasque, a new update has coincided with it going free which adds some new content into the mix. You can now augment your weapons using various kinds of shards earned in-game, and if you haven’t played Bloodmasque in a while (since before November 1st) there is a “Welcome Back" bonus where you can login and play to earn some free Rubies. There are also new bonuses offered for daily logins as well as inviting or being invited to play by friends.

Bloodmasque is a real winner, so be sure to snag it during the free promotion, which ends on December 16th.


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