‘Heroes of Dragon Age’ and ‘Lawless’ Both Exit Soft-launch Periods, Now Available Worldwide

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Two fairly high-profile games have finished up their soft-launch periods where they were both only available in select countries, and are now out everywhere. First up is EA’s Heroes of Dragon Age (Free), a mobile spinoff of the popular Dragon Age series. It’s not a deep RPG like other Dragon Age games, rather it’s more of a card collecting-style strategy game that features loads of different characters from all throughout the massive Dragon Age lore. Also, it features battles and scenarios that have been mentioned in the various Dragon Age games and books and lets you play through them for yourself.

After my brief hands-on time with the game in October, I came away with the impression that Heroes of Dragon Age would be a nice bit of fan service for those heavily invested in the world of Dragon Age, while being a pretty cool combat strategy game itself for the rest of us. The real question though was its free-to-play model and how that would impact the enjoyment of the game.

The other title which has just launched worldwide is Lawless (Free), which we first learned about back in October just before it soft-launched. Developed by some of the same team behind 2009’s awesome Wii rail-shooter Dead Space Extraction, Lawless is a similar on-rails style arcade shooter set in late-90s Los Angeles. It uses a behind-the-back viewpoint and cover system, and features really nice visuals as well as tons of crazy action and explosions. Check out this brand new Lawless trailer to see what it’s like in motion.

Heroes of Dragon Age soft-launched in late October, and you can find lots of forum impressions from people who have been playing it since then, if you’re looking for more insight. Lawless soft-launched at about the same time, and again, if you’re looking for more impressions check out its forum thread to see what people have been saying about it during the soft-launch period. However, both games are free-to-play, so there’s no reason not to just give them a download and check them out for yourself. From what I’ve been hearing, Heroes of Dragon Age leans a bit too heavily on its freemium components, but I’ve been hearing that Lawless is actually quite a decent f2p model without any hard pay walls. Either way, they both seem worth checking out.

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