‘Tilt to Live 2’ Update Adds Sensitivity Slider and New “Old School” Modes

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When One Man Left released Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous ($2.99) a few weeks back, the long-awaited sequel to one of the App Store’s all-time classics, there was much rejoicing. It improved upon the original with improved visuals, a multitude of awesome new power-ups, and challenging boss fights. It did all the things you want a sequel to a great game to do, but there were some hang-ups.

For one, Tilt to Live 2 felt a little bare-bones compared to the original in terms of modes, though the first game started out similarly basic and was fleshed-out through numerous updates in the months and years that followed its release. So I’m confident that Tilt to Live 2 will get to that point itself in time. A larger problem for some was the lack of the sensitivity slider that was present in the first game. Tilt controls can be a touchy subject for players, as everyone has their own personal preferences in how they like them, so not being able to adjust their sensitivity was a problem. Another issue is that some people felt the new boss fights and mini-games, while incredibly cool, sullied the “purity" of the gameplay that was found in the first Tilt to Live.

Well today the first update to Tilt to Live 2 has hit and it addresses those complaints. A sensitivity slider has been added so you can adjust the tilting sensitivity to your liking. In addition, new “Old School" options are now available for both the Classic and Code Red modes in the game. These Old School versions remove boss fights and mini-games so you can focus on the pure dot-killing action on its own. There’s also new leaderboards for the Old School versions of both modes so high-scoring achievements can be kept separate from the regular versions of those modes. It’s a nice no-compromise solution, adding what players have been asking for while still keeping all the cool new stuff that made Tilt to Live 2 the game that it is.

If you’ve been playing Tilt to Live 2 but fell into the group that missed the purity of the original and sensitivity options, then head on over to the App Store and grab this new update. If you haven’t tried it yet, you really should, as there aren’t many better examples of fun, fast-paced arcade games with solid tilt controls for iOS devices.

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