TA Plays First Look: ‘Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf’ – A Game Book With 3D Battles

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Even though I spend this entire video mispronouncing the name of this game, I assure you, it didn’t stop me from enjoying it. I love how game books are getting so advanced on iOS, it’s crazy to think we’re only a few years off of super basic dice rolling game books, and here we are with a game book that has full 3D battles. If you want to see the cool part, skip to the end of the video.

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf is scheduled for a US release tonight at 11:00 PM Eastern. Our forums are filled with first impressions of the game, so swing by and check that out if you’re looking for more than this video.

International App Store Link: Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf, $4.99

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