Look Out, ‘Minecraft’, ‘Survivalcraft’ 1.23 Additions Spur Creation of Gizmos Like This In-Game Animation Studio

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My brain straight up exploded when I saw someone built a working 16 bit computer inside of Minecraft, and since then there’s been numerous other incredibly elaborate devices that people have made with the basic electronics functionality included in the game via mining and utilizing redstone. The most recent Survivalcraft ($3.99) added the ability to create electronics in game, and the community is already off to an amazing start.

Polish Survivalcraft fanatic Spoon3r made a full in-game animation studio capable of creating, storing, and animating 256 10×10 pixel frames. Check it out in action:

If you want to fiddle around with this, look for “Animator Pro" in the community content section of Survivalcraft, or buzz over to this thread in the Survivalcraft forums for direct download links and further instructions.

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