New Zombie Shooter ‘Dead Trigger 2’ Blasts Its Way Onto the App Store for Free

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A little over a month ago, MadFinger Games released a new trailer for their zombie blasting sequel to Dead Trigger, along with a release date of October 23rd. If you don’t happen to have a calendar handy, let me help you out: today is October 23rd and Dead Trigger 2 (Free) has officially launched in the App Store.

So far, early impressions in our forums suggest that, just like the first game, Dead Trigger 2 is a graphical showpiece. There is a greater emphasis on story this time around, though it will take some time playing to discover if it really is an improvement over the first game’s repetitive nature of shooting wave after wave of zombies in confined areas. There are also encounters with massive bosses, a “Hideout" where you can unlock and upgrade tons of new weapons and items, and for some reason there are lots and lots of chickens. Grenade chickens, rocket launcher chickens, and machine-gun mounted chickens. Huh.

If you were a fan of the first game then this definitely seems like an improvement in many ways, but even if you just like pretty games or blasting away at zombies there’s no reason not to check out Dead Trigger 2 for yourself seeing as it’s free. Again, it’ll take some time playing to see just how the free-to-play elements are implemented. Also an Android version should be hitting within hours, and down the line MadFinger hopes to include online multiplayer functionality to the game. Be sure to check out Dead Trigger 2 to and head into our forums to let us know what you think.

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