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The Team Behind ‘Dead Space: Extraction’ is Teaming Up with DeNA to Release a New Shooter

If you owned a Wii in 2009 and loved the Dead Space series, chances are you’ve played Dead Space Extraction. If not, it’s a pretty decent rails shooter that not only provides a ton of Dead Space fan service, but also was one of the few M rated games that were (at least initially) Wii exclusives. Well, the Eurocom guys behind that game have reformed as EightPixelsSquare, and with the help of DeNA is releasing a behind the back “photorealistic arcade-style shooter game" called Lawless.

Check out the trailer:

The trailer looks cool, but this ex-Dead Space team is under the leadership of “industry veteran and free-to-play visionary Ben Cousins" who you may remember as the guy behind The Drowning (Free) which “played" more like a first person business model than an actual shooter. Fingers crossed that Lawless is substantially closer to Dead Space: Extraction than it is The Drowning.