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Check Out ‘Duet’, an Upcoming Arcade Game from ‘Bean’s Quest’ and ‘Time Surfer’ Developer Kumobius

The folks over at Australian developer Kumobius, responsible for such excellent iOS games as Bean’s Quest ($2.99) and Time Surfer ($0.99), have unveiled their latest iOS project. It’s called Duet, and is described as “a mesmerizing mobile arcade game about radial awareness and acute dexterity." It takes inspiration from games like Super Hexagon ($2.99) and Pivvot ($2.99) in that you’ll need fast reactions and an awareness of your surroundings in order to perform successfully.

I don’t know about you, but Duet looks hard as nails. And I love it. Part of the fun of games like this is starting out as a newbie and just getting completely destroyed to the point that you feel the game must be entirely impossible. Something keeps pulling you back for more though, and slowly your skills improve and you make it just a bit farther with each subsequent play. I’m always on board for a challenging new arcade game, and Duet looks to be just that, so keep an eye out for it to launch sometime before the end of the year.