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‘Modern Combat 5’ Delayed Until Next Year, ‘Brothers in Arms 3’ Will Hit Before the Holidays

Some unfortunate news coming out of Gameloft today, as their next entry in their Modern Combat series which was scheduled to be released before the end of this year has been delayed until an unspecified time in 2014. The delay is due to the development team’s desire to “fully achieve our vision for Modern Combat 5" which means they aren’t willing to release the game until they feel that it’s ready. I’d rather wait a bit longer for a fully realized product, and I think most gamers would agree.

We last saw Modern Combat 5 when we went hands-on with it at E3 this past June, and from what I’ve been told the title has come a long way since then. That’s saying something, as it looked pretty darn awesome in the E3 build. I loved Modern Combat 4 so I’m very eager to see where this new game ends up when it finally reaches the finish line.

If you’re looking for a bright side to this delay, Gameloft has divulged that while we won’t be seeing a Modern Combat game before the end of the year, we will be seeing the next Brothers in Arms title in time for the holidays. We last saw Brothers in Arms 3 at E3 this year as well, but unlike Modern Combat 5 it was in a pretty rough early state. Still, it showed a lot of promise with its heavy emphasis on cover mechanics, and I’m told that this game, too, has come a very long way since that early build at E3.

Hearing about the delay for Modern Combat 5 is a bummer, but hopefully Brothers in Arms 3 can deliver some satisfaction in the interim. We’ll let you know once we hear more about Brother in Arms 3‘s release as well as an updated release window for Modern Combat 5 once Gameloft is ready to announce one.