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Be a Ninja in ‘Shadow Blade’, an Upcoming Action Platformer

An interesting trailer found its way into my inbox over the weekend, and I thought you all might like the look of it as well. It’s for a game called Shadow Blade from developer Dead Mage, and it’s an action platformer with a heavy Ninja Gaiden vibe. Running, jumping, wall-jumping and hacking away at bad dudes with your sword… it’s all right here in the trailer for Shadow Blade.

The thing that really stuck out at me is the smooth animations and great art style in Shadow Blade. It almost looks like a really cool cartoon that you get to control. And speaking of controls, you can briefly see how they work in this previously released demo video which shows a series of simple taps and swipes to move your ninja throughout the levels in the game.

I’m definitely anxious to see more on how those controls work, but I’m really liking the look of Shadow Blade in the trailer. It doesn’t sound too far off either, with a release date of fall this year, so keep your eyes peeled for more on this one soon.